We are 

Little Society of Art

In year 2000 we find new home.

Looking not so nice! But the feeling was good.

After 10 years it´s looking better.

We are happy for visitors who like to paint and coming with the good mood.

Latvian Village Art Society since 2000, the idea has matured as bought the farm Lõsta.

The Company granted to old stone house  is an interesting and inspiring place for an open studio.

Traveling in many countries, I met with open galleries, where you can stop for painting. Why  not we also have the same in Estonia?

Art lovers a lot of people in our village and therefore we will arrange studio work and art study , who interested of that. Make exhibitions.

Association  members  attending the village when they have a mood for painting.

Quite appropriate for the location of our 10 km from Tartu.